Unparalleled Coverage & Accuracy

As a national list broker with extensive years of research experience, we match our clients with data sources that provide the best option for gaining potential customers for their product or service. By partnering with DXM Marketing Group and our select team of premier data providers -- you gain access to just about every demographic available today.

  • Coverage: 120 million U.S. households and over 235 million individuals

  • Accuracy: 91% of records have multiple sources, 81% have 4+ sources

  • CAC Group (an independent research company) a multiple data source analysis service that integrates behavioral trends and activity, allowing you to effectively adapt to your customers' wants and needs.

  • Flexibility: Most commonly used attributes available at Household, ZIP+4 and ZIP levels

Example Attributes

  • Age • Number of adults in household • Number of children in household

  • Age of child • Gender of child • % traveling 60+ min. to work

  • Dwelling type • Ethnic group code • Family composition

  • Household age code • Household education • Household marital status

  • Household size • Individual marital status • Length of residence

  • Number of families in residence • Number of generations

  • Occupation code • Person birth date • Person gender code

  • And more...