Time Sensitive Insightsrt dso trigger

Changes in life-stage or household composition – the desire to move up in real estate, for example, are just a few of the Trigger Events we track for a multitude of clients. Knowing when your marketing message becomes relevant to these dozens of time-sensitive life changes can keep your company’s sales cycle fully engaged and profitable as well.

  • Identify consumers who will soon enter, or have just entered, into a new life-stage

  • Compiled by tracking changes in consumer behavior and demographics

  • Perfect for prospecting and continuity programs


Examples of Event-Based Triggers

  • New first child (0-2) in the household
  • Newly married
  • Newly single
  • Recent college graduate
  • Recent empty nester
  • Newly retired
  • Household income change
  • New / pre-driver
  • Credit card change
  • Change in home market value
  • New adult in the household
  • New young adult in household
  • Buying / leasing a new vehicle
  • Mortgage expiration
  • Movers / pre-movers
  • And more…