The DXM Evolution of Direct Marketing

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Five key dimensions that powers our custom data analytics...


With over 30 years of list research experience, we match our clients with data sources that provide the best option for gaining potential customers for their product or service. By partnering with us and our premier data providers - our clients gain access to just about every demographic available today.

Customer Lifestyles:

These power ful attributes are used in segmentation, target audience definition, modeling and business portfolio analysis. Our data is based on a variety of data sources, including consumer surveys and other compiled data sources.  

Customer Financials:

DXM provides a 360-degree view of a consumer’s financial situation, with comprehensive income, credit, debt, and asset data.  

Customer’s Life Event Triggers:

We identify consumers who will soon enter, or have just entered, into a new life-stage. Events like newly married, buying a home, graduations, empty-nesters, movers & pre-movers, new children and more.

Market Activity:

We deliver unique insight into household transactional activity, including spending habits, channel preferences, transaction patterns and transaction history. All this linked to email or preferred web usage. By leveraging our powerful data sources and aligning them with your marketing needs – provides the best option for enhancing and delivering a successful campaign.

These can be:


Targeted and precise mailings delivered to individuals who match your existing customer profiles – or to businesses based on local demographics and/or the presence of daytime employee populations.


Our email broadcast servers give you the timing and flexibility to run email programs that extend and enrich the targeting of information to your customers or prospects.  


Leveraging the power of social media to drive customer acquisition and CRM programs to customize your business. Ask how our data analytics can provide the most unique and successful display ad programs working in the market today.