Email Marketing Execution

Did You Know...

There’s a myth in email marketing that unsubscribe rates are tied to frequency of emails.

The TRUTH: Email communications that deliver relevant, valuable content have the highest open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates, while simultaneously providing the lowest unsubscribe rates — even when emails are delivered multiple times per month. So, how valuable are the emails you send to your customer and prospects?

Growing Your Email List

Whether you’re starting from zero or already have millions of addresses, DXM Marketing Group can help. Through our strategic distribution processes and response focused strategy we will assist in growing your distribution lists, open rates, clicks and results. We deliver email marketing campaigns that work.

We Understand the Importance of the Subject Line

Fifty characters could be all that stands between you and the success of your next email campaign. Fifty characters is all the space you have in a typical email subject line to catch your reader's eye and entice them to open your email and take the action you want. How could something so small make or break an email marketing campaign's success? Simple, most recipients use the email subject line to decide whether to open or delete an email. At DXM Marketing our interactive team understands the importance of the subject line and we will assist you in the development of text and content that will eliminate your email going to the recycle bin.

We Go Beyond

We work with our clients to integrate email campaigns that trigger brand bolstering microsites (PURLS) and keep your valuable customers and prospects focused on the brand message. We were early adopters of PURL marketing technology and our client results have been enormous when the “perfect storm” of a well-designed email correspondence is integrated with attractive and compelling landing pages. Creating customized “call-to-action” is what we are “all about” and we will consult with you to deliver campaigns that will drive sales.