About Us

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DXM Marketing Group

We are a full service, integrated direct marketing and print production firm offering direct mail, mailing list acquisition, data analytics, strategic consultation and unsurpassed quality print production. We are the leader in delivering a brand’s reputation, promise, and vision to a targeted market --- generating a positive response that results in a profitable return on investment (ROI).

Founded in 1995, DXM Marketing has always been a leader in establishing an innovative approach to direct marketing and print media. From the humble beginnings of a digital print production shop in Savannah, GA, DXM Marketing now provides companies with world class development in offset printing, digital print production, grand format output, and nationally recognized direct marketing services.  We fully understand the landscape of inbound marketing and have implemented Web services that bolster our client’s “targeted” brand initiatives.

DXM now has three locations, two of which are production facilities in Jacksonville, FL, and Savannah, GA, supplemented with a sales office in Greenville, SC, Atlanta, GA and Columbia, SC. 


We Will Meet Your Needs…

You want and deserve the credit for assisting your clients in their direct marketing efforts.  We work behind the scenes with you to insure that your clients marketing dollars are spent in the most effective and revenue producing manner.

We help hundreds of leading brands build state-of-the-art marketing programs that optimize results and ROI.  We continue to support our vision by constantly improving our products and services.

We offer an automated virtual storefront with your branding which streamlines the production and order process for you.  We realize we are not successful until you are successful.  Our customer service is timely, professional, and focused on your every need. 


Our Experience Speaks For Itself…

With over 17 years of experience in the direct marketing business sector, we have been pioneers with Xerox, HP, and XMPie in early stages of adoption for variable printing and automated direct marketing media.  We have focused on the transfer of print to Web concepts.  This includes the development and design of PURLs, GURLs, Targeted Display Ads and E-mail marketing integration.