Interactive Solutions

We understand the power of interactive marketing.

We work with technologies that will help expand your brand’s reach and consumer touch. We blend Web based strategies such as email marketing, Micro-Websites, Web display advertising, and interactive facility installations that ensure your brand message is perceived at levels you never thought were possible before. We implement interactive solutions that strengthen your marketing efforts and get you connected with your target audience across a multitude of touch-points.

We are not your average direct marketing and print production company. We are your dynamic brand agent who will deliver exciting cutting edge marketing technology.

DXM has created an integrated environment that encourages our online media and production departments to work side by side with your ad agency, copywriters, or graphic design staff. In combination with our list brokerage and list management services, we focus on what interactive solutions will bolster your cross campaign efforts. Our seamless process helps deliver your brand, products, and services together in a way that ultimately leads to the achievement of powerful sales results.