Our Team

Ray Owens

Owner, Company President

If you ever stop by the office to meet with Ray, prepare yourself for a step back to Liverpool and a litany of Beatles images and collectibles. His fascination with the Fab Four can be overwhelming at times, highlighted by a life size wall hanging of Abbey Road – with the Beatles striding by. This passion extends into every bit of his professional life as well. Ray’s extensive background in data analytics and customer insights forms the foundation of DXM's capabilities and guides the company’s direct marketing programs. His years of IT experience with the former Stouffer luxury hotel division taught him unique computer programming and modelling techniques, which he still uses today. Ray’s thirty-plus years of building customized direct marketing programs covers a gamut of industries, including major retail businesses, healthcare, restaurant and hospitality services, real estate and financial services. His knowledge of major list sources and location intelligence programs provides solid tactical solutions that enhance our clients' marketing strategies. In addition to being one of the original founding owners of DXM Marketing, Ray would also confess his Beatles-driven desire to be in a band again, as evidenced by the miscellaneous musical instruments hanging around the offices. It’s a clear invitation to stop in and jam!


David Matchett

Owner, Chief Operations Officer

David has been at the forefront of the copy and digital print industries going back to 1982.  Having that kind of formidable experience earned him a spot as one of three people in the world who knows how to get that pesky copier/toner off your hands — if you’ve ever been stuck changing a print cartridge!  It’s a safe and non-abrasive chemical, the name of which is so complicated that no one can even pronounce it, much less spell it.  After starting his career working for Xerographic Copy Centers of Florida for seven years, David bought the Jacksonville, FL operations in January, 1989. Over the following 21 years he has managed, led, worked with, bought, nearly bought and sold more companies with acronym-based names than all of the government's alphabet agencies combined.  When seeking a proven leader and master of austerity to run the show at DXM, we have the luxury and good fortune of utilizing David’s experience in his dual role as one of the company owners.

Dencho Vassilev 

Owner, Production Manager

When DXM’s attempt to expand into Bulgaria fell through we did the next best thing and imported one of its’ best citizens – Dencho Vassilev.  Dencho’s journey to DXM began when he came to the US on an academic scholarship and went on to become as an All American soccer player in college, which in turn led him to play professionally in the Southeast and eventually in Savannah, GA.  He joined DXM in 1998 in our digital print department and not surprisingly a few short years later he was running all of our production!  Today we are proud to have him as an owner as well. When you have a print-on-demand workflow it takes special skills and leadership to get the job done and we are fortunate to have Dencho leading the team.  It might sound cliché to for us to spout, "we’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done", but with Dencho driving the production and managing all the different processes, we know it will happen. Over the years, he has proven it repeatedly, much to our client’s appreciation. Incidentally, if you want to get one of your kids into soccer – the U-age thing and all that – check on Dencho’s availability because he coaches perennially high-ranking teams and has mounds of travelling championship trophies to show for it.


John Brophy

Owner, Company Sales Director

We typically hire people with at least 25 years of traditional offset and digital print experience and we were pleased to find that John actually has 27 of them under his belt. John is a Chicago native who discovered one day, while reading the Farmer’s Almanac, it doesn’t snow in Florida! This epiphany made it easier for him to bring his considerable talents and sales abilities to sunny Jacksonville and the DXM golf team.  Seriously, though, outside of wanting to mention his legit 8 handicap on the links, John is our ambassador, Rotarian, goodwill guy, community activist, glad handler and all around do-gooder when it comes to engaging the Jacksonville market on behalf of DXM.  As one of the original founders and owners of the company, John’s daily mantra and inspiration to our sales team originates from his Chicago upbringing as a Dikta-esque challenge to “bear down and be the best”.


Sally Park

Vice President of Client Services

Sally tops our mantle as having the most tenure and experience at DXM - she would drive a stake through my heart if I revealed how long.  Seriously, Sally is proud to note her time in the business, and we have all benefited from her 30 years as our expert on postal rules and regulations.  Her superior account management and sales experience in the direct marketing industry has been one of the reasons for our company’s ongoing success.  Her obvious passion for supporting our clients' work is validated every day and has allowed us to maintain strong long-term relationships with them.  Sally also earns the title as having the longest commute to the office in Savannah because she enjoys life and living on Hilton Head Island- and we can't blame her.  As many of us already know, when a direct marketing question comes up and you need an answer, call Sally!


Donald Segal

President and Founder of Spatial Insights, Inc.

Spatial Insights is a geographic information services company which specializes in providing innovative project consulting and mapping services, mapping software, training, and customized geographic and demographic data products and systems for business applications. In addition to his marketing and management responsibilities, he is directly involved with providing project consulting services to businesses and government clients throughout the US and abroad. Don has over twenty-five years of experience with the integration and analysis of geographically referenced data and the application of mapping system technology to address commercial problems.

Don began his career as a geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Reston, VA. At the USGS he was responsible for the development and application of digital image enhancement methodologies, data integration and modeling in support a variety of mineral assessment and exploration programs throughout the western US.

Don received a B.S. degree in Geology from Franklin and Marshall College in 1978, and performed graduate work in geochemistry and geophysics at the University of Pennsylvania in 1979.


Selena Anderson

Director of Account Services

Here’s a cat-out-of-the-bag secret about Selena - she is a professionally trained vocalist and would easily be the lead star for any band or singing group.  As one of our many bright stars at DXM, we are fortunate to have Selena as head of our customer service team as well as handling important client business for a variety of different accounts. Her attention to detail and tireless work ethic makes her not only valuable but virtually indispensable to several of our Sales Directors. It’s well known at DXM that Selena comes to us via the bright lights and Friday nights of Titletown USA – Valdosta, GA.  Rumor has it that every single NFL player has six degrees of separation or less to this illustrious town.  And, as a result of her legendary throwing arm, she still holds the county fair record for the most consecutive bulls-eyes at the emo clown dunking booth-  47 in a row- which, by the way, kept her firmly and securely with the in-crowd of Valdosta.  When our clients entrust us with their important jobs that require care and precision, Selena and her staff are our go-to Aces. 


Dan Crane

Senior Vice President, Business Development

We could go on and on about Dan as a results-focused senior executive with 30 years of marketing experience driving strategic growth and brand visibility for leading financial, retail, luxury real estate, tourism, telecommunications, healthcare, and consumer packaged goods companies. However,we’d prefer to highlight Dan’s previous life as an AM Radio disc jockey.  His formative years molded Dan into the best one-hit-wonder trivia partners that DXM has ever had.  Moreover, while some would think Shannon, Brandy, and Wildfire are former girlfriends of Dan’s, we all know these 1970’s band names were long ago washed from musical memory.  In our world, Dan the Man supplants Wolfman Jack any day of the week.


Steve Owens

Vice President, Business Development

What can we say about Steve that hasn’t already been shouted down hallways or flashed across frantic text messages?  We tease him because Steve has no deadlines for our production crew, nor will he accept any, because there’s always a tiny bit more time to squeeze into a day.  It’s a great trait for our sales team because he has a can-do attitude that has made him legendary to us and to our clients over the years.  His previous stint as production manager at DXM taught him the boundaries of what can be produced and in what fashion.  And if we can’t do it, Steve knows where to get it done.  We also know Steve does not live on a conventional clock, so expect him to call you or be called at any time day, or night, especially when it comes to the expert handling and production expediting of your job.  We marvel at his ability and for good reason, with Steve Owens you will always have the best service, hands down, that you’ve ever experienced.  And don't be surprised if he comes to your door with a bag that excites your food senses– then you are in for a real treat.  Steve asked that we mention he is a Gemini, likes piña coladas and bowled a straight-up 299 in league competition.


Rachel Davies

General Manager - Image Is Everything

We found out that Rachel liked to draw at a very young age. A passion so noteworthy that Crayola featured Rachel’s picture on the 1998 release of the 120 piece carton set. She was the 2nd stick figure from the left. Ask her today to name her favorite crayon color and chances are she’ll blurt out either Cerulean or Cerise. It was only fitting that Rachel later stepped up this this amazing talent in college by becoming a cheerleader at the Savannah College of Art & Design. Legendary cheer routines to the heavy sampling songs of “Can’t Touch This” and “Ice Ice Baby” were the backdrop of SCAD’s cheering glory years. Fast forward several eons and we find Rachel has spent 8 years as SCAD’s Executive Directive for Creative Production producing numerous style awards, Gold ADDYs and the like while leading her talented department of 70 print, creative, communication and graphics professionals. We are fortunate to have Rachel join us at DXM and lead our creative and design services – especially coming from a world class environment at SCAD and an ongoing stint with her design company One Red Door. Our next endeavor is to coerce Ms. Davies into learning a few more Cole Porter tunes to add to her piano playing repertoire – just in case we open a jazz club down the road. Rachel happens to be our most world-traveled having been to Kenya eight times plus traveled extensively for SCAD to their Hong Kong campus and into mainland China. Ni Hao Rachel!