PURL Landing Page Design

Cross Media Marketing

Use a Strong Web Connection with your Cross Media Efforts

One of the key elements of Cross Media Marketing, personalized URL's give the customer a sense of unique contact that they have never seen before.

  • This makes the connection between Direct Mail and the Web stronger

  • In addition, it improves the measurement of individual marketing campaigns

From your database of customers, donors, prospects, or others, we help you create individual campaigns where the personalized experience goes beyond the direct mail card using:

  • Campaign Development & Concept creation

  • 'Drip' Marketing Campaign Execution

  • Variable Data Marketing/Printing (VDP)

  • Micro Site Personalization

PURL/GURL Marketing

This marketing strategy integrates email campaigns and direct mail promotion pieces with a URL, which directs recipients to a landing page or microsite specifically designed to complement the marketing message and enhance the sales process.

Prospects can complete an array of tasks, like printing or downloading promotional or coupon incentives, registration up for additional offers, or request additional information or service.

What your brand will experience:

  • Boosted response rates of up to 400%

  • Increased customer message relevancy

  • Real-time interaction with the customer

  • Increased ability to deliver excitement to your brand.

  • Real-time tracking of campaign results, with tools like intelligent geographic